Friday, August 31, 2012

DCSS Article: Thank you!

A quick recap
As I said last week, the response to the DCSS article was completely awesome and unexpected.  I never planned to write articles on here, but when I was organizing my DCSS art for my post I realized I had a lot of pent up thoughts about the game and they just spilled out of me.  After only starting the blog on Monday I wasn't expecting many views, let alone over 1200.

I also got a great response from several roguelike developers, including Chris Triolo who was the animator for Dungeons of Dredmor, Kornel Kisielewicz of DoomRL fame, Darren Grey of Roguelike Radio, and David Ploog (aka dpeg) -- who was up until recently one of the main designers and coders behind DCSS.

On Sunday, David first contacted me and offered to post a link to the article on the main DCSS news feed.  That was the final straw I needed for inspiration to offer something more than just words to show my gratitude to everyone.

My gift to you guys
I decided to do something special for the DCSS community.  Over the last two days I created a new splash screen for the game that the DCSS team is free to include in the next build.  It's the largest and most detailed piece of pixel art I have ever made.

I just submitted the proper size file to David for putting into the game.  I also made a larger 2x sized version so it can be viewed in better detail.

To see the enlarged version, just click on the thumbnail below.  Thanks again!!!

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