Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roguelike Radio episodes 51 & 52, ft. Me

Darren Grey contacted me a few weeks ago in the comment section of my DCSS article to take part an episode of the podcast, Roguelike Radio. (

I actually only discovered Roguelike Radio about a week or two before Darren's message by stumbling onto his episode with Derek Yu (  Now that I've listened to a few more episodes and taken part in one myself, I definitely feel that Roguelike Radio is something special.  Just as the term "roguelike" has expanded far beyond its original meaning, I think the podcast has also evolved into something larger than its namesake.

Each episode allows anyone to essentially sit in on the type of conversations indie developers would normally only carry on behind-the-scenes.  The effort by the guys behind the show to tear those walls down for anyone who cares to listen is pretty great.

Check out episodes 51 and 52, both of which I appeared on earlier this month, along with fellow developers Ido Yehieli, Jagosh Kalezich, and Thomas Whetnall:
Episode 51: (Part One)
Episode 52: (Part Two)

Edit: I updated/reworded much of this post today in response to a comment by Andrew Doull of Roguelike Radio.  He informed me that the podcast is actually a community effort rather than the work of a single person -- so there is a lot more credit to go around than I had realized.  You guys are awesome, thanks again for having me on the show.


  1. Hi John,

    Really appreciate you appearing on the show. Small correction: Although Darren is the most frequent (and hardest working) panellist on the show, it is a community run podcast rather than being exclusively his.

    1. Andrew, I reworded the post and put a comment at the end of it to clear things up. Thanks again.

  2. Andrew, thank you for the heads up. I got caught up with Thanksgiving today, but I will update the post with a correction tomorrow.

  3. No problem. Thanks for the clarification. And we're not nearly as awesome as our guests without whom we wouldn't have a show :)